Tamallak Leasing was incorporated in November 12th, 2013 as a limited liability company and as a subsidiary of Cairo Amman Bank, proceeding with its activities in 2014.
The company offers a full range of leasing services, through a number of programs that are tailored to fit the nature of the lessee’s activity, needs and cash flow, for the various economic sectors.


To be every client’s first and favorite choice


Providing distinctive, unsurpassed services

Main Values:

1-Transperancy                      2-Honesty                           3- Quality
4- Creativity and continuous innovation           5- Reinforcing the investment in human resources


  • Acting as the investment arm for Cairo Amman Bank in the area of financial leasing, providing this service to current and prospective clients, from individuals to companies and corporations, across all the economic sectors.
  • Providing more flexible financial solutions that can keep up with the changes and updates of financial markets, in order to meet the needs of our clients and their various financial demands, including the ever-increasing demand for financial leasing services in the Jordanian market.
  • Supporting the different economic activities, and encouraging its growth and upgrade.
  • Developing a better understanding and application of financial leasing, and providing alternative non-traditional financial solutions.

What is Financial Leasing?

Financial Lease is an asset-based financing. It is a contract under which the customer (lessee) has the right to use the fixed asset of his choice and that matches up with his activity (leasehold) in return for installments which are already agreed upon during a specified time paid to the (Lessor) provided that the ownership of the leasehold will be automatically transferred to the lessee at the end of the contract or in return for having an amount of money paid by the lessee when the term of the contract expires.

:Benefits of Financial Leasing

  • Financing up to 100%
  • Reliance on the leased asset as main collateral
  • Medium to long-term periods that meet the useful life of the leased asset
  • Lease installments include insurance and maintenance expenses and any other expenses
  • Flexibility of installments calculation in terms of the appropriate lease installments with cash flows resulting from the use of the leasehold
  • Provides innovative financing options and solutions
  • Taking advantage of taxation benefits

Financial Leasing for Individuals:

Financial leasing for individuals is a flexible financing instrument that allows individuals to take advantage of certain assets for specific leasing periods, against leasing payments.

Real Estate Financial Leasing

Real estate Financial Leasing Sector includes:

  • Financing housing real estate which includes (Flats, Villas and Semi-Villas).
  • Financing lands purchase.
  • Financing offices, stores and shops.
  • Financing real estate developers (Housing projects).

Advantages of financing real estate sector for individuals (Flats, Lands and Commercial offices):

  • Financing up to 90% of the asset’s cost.
  • There is no salary transfer and does not require previous dealing with Cairo Amman Bank.
  • Installments that are compatible and proportional to the monthly income of the lessee.
  • Lease periods up to 17 years.
  • The possibility to subsequent sale during the term of the contract or at the end of the term of the contract without paying for ownership transfer fees.
Medical Equipment Financial Leasing

Product for financing medical, office and technical equipment:

Jordan is considered an advanced country in the health and treatment services sector on the region. The operating companies in this sector face the need to acquire medical appliances and equipment so as to perform and execute their various services efficiently, and the equipment are considered useful assets and a source of income for the operating entities; hence the financial leasing is the best and most suitable financing solutions for these assets.


  • Flexible financing policies that cater to the special needs of the sector.
  • Lease installments rely on cash flows of the asset.
  • Lease term matches up with the productive life of the asset.
  • Establishment of long-term commercial partnership with the providers of the medical equipment so that they grant customers the possibility to obtain this type of asset in return for lease fixed payments without affecting the operating capital.
  • Contribution to the development of the medical sector in Jordan through keeping pace with the latest of technological developments in the field of medical appliances and equipment.
Automobile Financial Leasing

Automobiles Financial Leasing for individuals include:

  • Financing private cars (passengers) new and used.
  • Financing pick-ups, vans, buses and coaches.
  • Financing rental cars.
  • Financing trucks and construction equipment (Trailers, half trailers, plus water and petrol tankers).


  • New and used cars financing.
  • Granting customers the opportunity to purchase and/or trade in their cars for newer models.
  • No mortgage expenses or any fees on the authentication of the contract with the respective authorities.
  • Competitive lease down payment and lease period in comparison to other lease methods.
  • Competitive lease return.
  • No salary transfer or any other related conjunction required.
  • Possibility to exchange the leased car with another car according to prior arrangements.
  • High flexibility of installments with the possibility to reduce lease installments adding a payment at the end of the contract’s term in the case the lessee wish for regular updating of the car, in addition to a flexible installment program as per income.
  • Possibility of financing licensing, comprehensive insurance and maintenance fees.

Financial Leasing for Corporations:

Financial leasing allows corporation to reach an agreement by which the business is allowed to use certain assets for commercial purposes, assets for specific leasing periods, against leasing payments.

Transportation of Goods Financial Leasing (Trucks)

Advantages of financing transportation of goods sector (Trucks):

  • New and used assets financing.
  • Leasing down payment is compatible with the asset predicted lifespan and period of leasing.
  • The possibility to continuous updating through the termination of contract and signing a new contract or replacing the leasehold by another one.
  • Flexibility of arranging lease installments so that they are compatible with the seasonal operation.
  • The assets have title deeds and a good secondary market, which means they constitute actual collateral for lease, without the need to for real estate mortgaging.
Automobile Financial Lease

Advantages of financing automobiles for corporate and businesses:

  • Lease down payment starts at 0% as a special benefit for companies and business sector.
  • The possibility to grant the company the option to buy vehicles or have them returned to the Lessor regardless of their price at the time of purchase, thus reducing the risks of owning such assets.
  • The possibility to make the company (Lessee) accomplish cash dividends through taking advantage of purchase option agreed upon in advance with the company (Lessor) then having them sold at a higher price.
  • Monthly installments usually cover comprehensive insurance, the annual licensing and the periodic maintenance, hence reducing the financial and logistic burden and effort, with fixed monthly installment throughout the term of the contract.
  • Continuous renewal and upgrading of vehicles, and taking advantage of that in marketing and in maintaining the company’s image.
  • Leasing contract is structured to match the operational life in the case of coaches and the income generating vehicles and the seasonal operation.
  • Possibility of providing the car replacement services and fleet management.
  • Lease installments are proportional to inflows and return from the asset.
  • Competitive financing options and new ideas that meet the needs of companies and help them concentrate on core activities, in addition to reduction of costs through fleet management services.
  • Specialized processes to update and replace public transportation fleets.
  • Reduction of costs through lease-to-own options, by achieving acquisition of machinery and construction equipment at the end of the term of the contract, instead of renting.
Real Estate Financial Leasing

Advantages of financing the projects of real estate development:

  • Financing that is compatible with the purpose of the project.
  • Leasing period that is compatible and proportional with the prospective duration required to complete the project and marketing it.
  • Competitive leasing returns.
  • Financing up to 80% of the project cost.
  • Possibility to transfer the contract to the buyer, and saving ownership transfer fees.
  • There are no fees for the authentication of contracts.
  • Easy and clear procedures during the period of construction, marketing and settling the value of financing.

In addition to financing real estate of various types (flats, lands, offices, housing projects, lands development projects, etc.), Tamallak offers financial leasing for equipment and machinery related to construction processes, such as electro-mechanical equipment through the creation of long-term commercial relationships with the real estate development companies, construction companies and the providers of the equipment.

Industrial Equipment, Machines and Production Lines Financial Leasing

Product for financing machineries, production lines and industrial equipment:

Tamallak Leasing is always looking forward to the opportunity to provide companies and factories (existing and new) with new assets that are necessary for expansion or the commencement of their operations, which contributes to the relief of the social and economic issues facing Jordan.

Advantages of financing the sector of industrial equipment, machineries and production lines:

  • Asset-Based financing.
  • Financing up to 100% of the asset’s cost.
  • Leasing period matches up with the potential lifespan of the asset.
  • Monthly installments are structured to be compatible with cash flows and generated by the asset.
  • Financing locally-manufactured assets or imported ones.
  • Competitive leasing return.
  • High flexibility in the procedure and policies.
  • Assets are the main collateral for financing.
  • New and existing projects financing.
  • Beneficiary takes advantage of all exemptions granted by existing laws such as Jordanian Investment Law.

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        The customer’s right to make a complaint is an absolute right that is not restricted by any limitations or conditions that could obstruct the customer’s ability to make a complaint of any sort, as Tamallak has provided all the means and tools that would allow all customers to file and deliver their complaints, including:

        • By mail: Compliance Division/Customers’Complaint Unit /Tamallak for Financial Leasing P.O. Box 941715 Postal Code 11194
        • By e-mail:
        • Customers’ Complaint Unit phone:06-5006655
        • Customers’ complaint boxes, available at Tamallak’s headquarter
        • By fax 06-5201772
        • In person
        Time frame for handling customers’ complaints:

        The Customers’ Complaint Unit handles customers’ complaints within 10 working days, which can be extended further based on the nature of the complaint without exceeding 30 working days according to the issued regulations, not counting within this waiting period any extra days needed to provide any extra documents or supporting articles or any missing elements of the complaint that may be requested after receiving the complaint.
        In the case where the customer is not convinced/satisfied with the Tamallak’s reply to the complaint, the customer can resort to the Central Bank of Jordan or to the court of law.
        To report a complaint to the Central Bank of Jordan – Financial Consumer Protection, visit the Central Bank of Jordan’s website

        The excluded complaints that shall not fall within the scope of the Customers’ Complaint Unit:
        • Complaints related to labor or work unions issues
        • Anonymous complaints that lack the name or information of the complaining party
        • Complaints related to money laundering or financing of terrorism issues
        • Customers’ inquiries and suggestions
        • Complaints that are filed in the court of law, or complaints for which the court has issued a legal sentence, while assuring that the complaining customer must pledge in writing to inform the service provider of escalating the complaint to the court of law, before receiving a reply to the complaint from the service provider
        • Complaints that contain explicit abuse or complaints using threatening/offensive/slandering language or undertones